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IF Telecom Unlimited Online Data Traffic SIM Card

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IF Telecom Unlimited Online Data Traffic SIM Card

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We showed New Taiwan Dollars for price.
In order to make the price more in line with the Standard of living in Taiwan and use a credit card to pay by following the FSC policy. 
We showed New Taiwan Dollars
but we did a tool of currency conversion for you.

If you select the payment way by credit card. Your bill will show your national currency. 
If you select the payment way by Cash on Delivery then we are able to accept in USD by cash. Please use the tool to get USD price. 

Thank you very much.

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IF Telecom Unlimited Online Data Traffic SIM Card

SKU SIM Card-03 Categories , Tag


You can consider this product if your route will come to Kaohsiung Port regularly for more than one year.

It is a rare opportunity to be docked at the pier.
It is time for you to get in touch with the world.
The way you have is connected internet and browse anything you want.
You can surf the internet on any website you want to know the information about.
You can go to Youtube, Netflix, Disney+, or any video streaming.
You can check your Email to process many things you have to do.
You can download any file, any data or any video, or movies for watching after you take off duty but if you are on the sea, no internet.
The most important is you can online video meeting with your family member who you miss

We Sincerely recommend offering this product to you.

You are might be Captain, C/O, or C/E and you have the right to decide to buy for all your crews.
Or maybe you are a crew but you can make a group purchase for your colleagues. Share internet and the payment. it is up to you.



About the product.


*limited release

1st. Monthly plan
2nd. 4G unlimited online data traffic (21 Mbps)
3rd. Supply hotspot share quantity by your mobile WiFi device support.
4th. No need for anyone’s personal information to registrars, such as passport and seaman book.
5th. Coverage is in the Taiwan area and not supported nationwide.
5th. Contract once for 12 months.
6th. Pre-paid for 12 months fee one time
7th. Accept credit card payments only and do not support  Cash on Delivery (Please understand, once the item is registered its contract for 12 months. Can not refund from the registrar.


*keep your attention
*4G unlimited online data traffic
*Hotspot share user unlimited.
*No need for the personal document and sign.


Single Product Plan for $14000

Online Package Plan get 15% Discount



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